🏆  In a hurry?  Here’s OUR 60-SECOND DPLS Synapsis:

Currently, DPLS is trading for less than $.02 per share.  They have a solid product suite and have recently made some potentially lucrative strategic partnerships. As with any OTC stock, there is a lot of inherent risk, but we like Dark Pulse as a long-term hold at this price point.


Dark Pulse Inc is a technology corporation specializing in security solutions for industries and governments.  DPLS has a patented BOTDA technology that tracks critical metrics for assessing the health of IT infrastructure. 


Why Dark Pulse?

Dark Pulse is a speculative play in the security and technology niche, but in our opinion it’s definitely worth the risk.  In the past 3 months, DPLS has eclipsed .04, and as of today the price is less than .02 with some new, potentially huge strategic partnerships. 

Dark Pulse’s fiber optic sensors can be used for mine safety, in border protection, in oil & gas and dozens of other applications.  

DPLS has a talented group of executives, including but not limited to – Dennis Leary (a former CEO), Dr. Anthony Brown, and Ken Davidson.  Their cumulative experience ranges several decades in technology, fiber optics, and communications. 

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