Our Team Tried "Feel Free" by Botanic Tonics & Here's What We Thought...

As often happens here at – one of our editors or authors hears about a product (Feel Free Tonic) and pretty soon that turns into all of us desperately needing to try it!

So, if you’re considering trying Feel Free by Botanic Tonics and want to know what to expect… keep reading. 

feel free tonic
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The effects were VERY STRONG – it felt more like a drug, than any other product we had every tested.

A half a bottle was more than enough for most of us to really feel the effects. 

A few of our staff got a bit nauseated or uneasy stomach, but no lasting effects beyond a couple hours.

As far as taste goes, our staff was a bout 70/30 on the side of pleasant vs not.

We discovered that it feels like a drug, because it basically is, and isn’t fully legal in all 50 states, so be careful when ordering it!

Overall, the dominating opinion was that Botanic Tonics is a great alternative to alcohol, but should be taken with caution for its addictive properties. 

Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease;

What is Feel Free Wellness Tonic?

Feel Free’s Plant-Based Tonic is a specially formulated tonic made from ancient plants in Southeast Asia and contains two main ingredients.  The tonic is made using a special process of kava and kratom extraction which results in a smooth, euphoric, energy-filled shot of bliss.

Feel Free is an herbal supplement that works almost immediately (you’ll notice your tongue go numb), and the effects can last for several hours.

Many Feel Free customers use the tonic as a replacement for alcohol and other harder, more harsh, drugs and supplements. 

If you’re looking for something to take the edge off and make you a bit more social (without the hangover), then I’d highly recommend giving Feel Free a try. 


Our Conclusion

So, the overall consenus for Feel Free was that it was effective, pleasant-tasting, but potentially habit-forming. Many were planning to order it themselves to stock up for parties and gatherings. 

We had two people who had a bit of nausea, but if thats the only side-effect it beats a nasty hangover from alcohol any day!