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What is the best Mini Gaming PC?

If you’re looking for the best Mini Gaming PC – here’s our top pick: Intel NUC Extreme Gaming.

Mini PCs aren’t the ideal gaming console, but they provide a great way to game if you’re looking for something affordable or portable. For some, gaming computers are powerful and perfect for their own needs. For others, though, large machines are big, clunky, and loud – too much for when you really want to get into the game. 

Are you looking for the best mini gaming PC that’s versatile and powerful enough to keep you going for hours? You could consider a gaming laptop, but a mini PC has better specs and more power to them. That’s why we found the best mini gaming PCs for the ultimate experience.

Mini PCs are often a cheaper option compared to standard desktop consoles. They're also ideal if you want something you can quickly move or take with you on trips and don't want a laptop. They also come with more ports to add multiple monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse. If you’re using it to game, make sure you buy one with a high-quality processor and good graphics card.

Review Overview 

Each of these six top mini gaming PCs has the best specs and power capabilities on the market to give you the best experience. You need something powerful enough to play your favorite intensive games, but something small enough to fit on a tiny desk or to carry around. 

We considered the price and offerings to figure out their value and whether they’re worth purchasing. Here are the six best mini gaming PCs:

Picture Title Votes  
417izFWvNJL Intel NUC Extreme Gaming 102 Check Price
31r6E6Kpg5L Acer Chromebox CXI3 94 Check Price
SkyTech Legacy Mini 86 Check Price
41HaFh8vOAL MSI Trident X 70 Check Price
313HjeEXurL Corsair One i164 65 Check Price
41I2IOcSu6L Intel Hades Canyon NUC 52 Check Price
Intel NUC Extreme Gaming
Intel created the NUC gaming kits to tailor specifically to gamers looking for a smaller console, so there's no question this PC should be one the best mini gaming PCs available. The processor was built to handle virtual reality experiences and top-notch graphics.

The NUC Extreme Gaming PC is a

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Acer Chromebox CXI3
If you're looking for something small, powerful, and on the cheaper side, the Acer Chromebox CXI3 is right for you. The company boasts the PC to be the Chromebook's desktop equivalent for "casual users." Using the Google Chrome operating system, this console features an 8th generation Intel Core i7-8550...
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SkyTech Legacy Mini
Though it's called a mini PC, the SkyTech Legacy Mini console is the largest on our list. At 28 pounds, it's a heavy one, but it packs a punch in terms of great gaming experiences, making it one of the best mini PCs for gaming.

This SkyTech console features a Ryzen 7 1700 8-Core 3.0 GHz processor ...
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MSI Trident X
If the price isn't a concern to you, the MSI Trident X will provide everything you need for any gaming experience. It is on the larger side, but this mini console is still portable and can fit on your desk or counter.

The 20-pound PC runs on Windows 10 and features an Intel Core-i7-10700K(F) proc

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Corsair One i164
A proper mini gaming PC is the Corsair One i164. Though it's on the higher end of mini PCs, this little PC is quiet, powerful, and customizable. It can fit in a small nook by your desk and hidden among your living room game consoles. It's half the size of a standard desktop PC at about eight pounds, s...
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Intel Hades Canyon NUC
Like the other NUC gaming kit on this list, the Intel Hades Canyon NUC is one of the best mini gaming PCs, thanks to its power and customization options. The Intel Core i7-8009G processor and AMD Radeon RV Vega M GH hybrid graphics chip create the perfect combination for fantastic gaming. You won't e...
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Each of the mini-PCs listed above is great for gaming, but the Intel Hades Canyon NUC tops our list. With unbeatable graphics and an outstanding processor for a mini PC, you can play AAA games or experience virtual reality for hours. 

The Hades Canyon comes with reliable storage and can fit under a table, in a backpack, or tucked away on a desk corner. With numerous ports, you can connect up to six displays and multitask for hours on end. 

The Hades Canyon’s price goes up if you want a better OS, or higher quality graphics. But even the starting price gives you great options for the ultimate portable gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some questions, check out our suggestions below.

There are many mini PCs available and manufactured just for gaming purposes. However, if you want the best processor and graphics and can sacrifice portability, a standard desktop may be the way to go.

The best mini PC to buy depends on your needs. If you're looking for something to use for work and play, the Acer Chromebox CXI3 works excellent for both. If you want a strictly portable, powerful mini PC, consider the Intel Hades Canyon NUC or another NUC gaming kit.

There are ways you can build your own mini PC, but it takes time and dedication. You'll need to purchase every piece of hardware, including a case, processor, and motherboard (we strongly suggest the Ryzen mini itx).

The difference between a mini PC and a laptop ultimately depends on your needs. Do you need something extremely portable and can sacrifice a powerful processor and fewer ports? A PC is better if you want something that will run well with a lot of programs and allow you to connect a lot of external devices.

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