NOTE: We are not doctors, and we are not affiliated with LifeWave in any capacity.  So, while our review of the X-39 patches is unbiased, it’s also not very scientific.  Check with your doc before trying any new supplement. 

🏆  In a hurry?  Here’s OUR LIFEWAVE x39 REVIEW IN A NUTSHELL  

As a whole, results varied but it was definitely a positive experience for all.
We had several reports of pain relief, improved sleep and increased energy. And, two reports of itchiness.

Overall we had a good experience with the X39 patches, and many of the staff here have become repeat customers. In our opinion, the patches are definitely worth a try.

Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease;

As is the case with most of the products on, we were excited to try the X39 patches. We had heard the hype, and we wanted to see if they lived up to it. 

Our entire staff tried the X39 patches for one month, and the results were quite interesting!

What were our results?

Again, this wasn’t a scientific test, just our team who was curious here about the patches.

Our test here has about 20 members who semi-consitently used the X-39 patch for 30 days.

Pain Relief: 12/20 testers had noticeable pain relief in joints, etc
Sleep: 10/20 testers had noticeable changes to sleep patterns
Energy: 13/20 testers had noticeable changes to energy levels
Itching: 2/20 testers had itchiness or a slight rash where the patch was placed
Nothing: 5/20 testers said they didn’t notice anything noticeable at all

As you might know, the patches are supposed to work better, as you age. 

Our testers ages: 
20-30 years of age: 3
30-40 years of age: 5
40-50 years of age: 6
50+ years of age: 6


Our Conclusion

So, here’s the deal.  People saw some considerable results.  Especially those on the older end of our testing spectrum. 

If you’re someone who is over the age of 40, and you’re looking for something to help with pain or energy levels, then what do you have to lose? 

We had two people who had a bit of itchiness, but if thats the only side-effect it beats pharmaceuticals any day! 

X-39 & LifeWave FAQs

Because we're not doctors here, and don't want to make any claims, we'll keep it super simple. The patches were designed to reflect light, which then activates a peptide in your system to kick your cells into high gear. You can read a lot more about the science here.  

No, the patches are not made for children.  Please consult a physician before taking or using any new health products.

Yes. Lifewave is an MLM and instead of paying large budgets for advertising and marketing it pays normal people to spread the word about their products. It's a legal company structure and it is not a pyramid scheme. 

Yes. There are over 90 patents surrounding the research of the X-39 and there are also several clinical studies.  

You can buy X-39 from an independent distributor of Lifewave products.  Do not buy from Amazon or Ebay as there are knock-offs and expired products available there. 

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