If you need an over the counter temporary tooth replacement, there are tons of temporary tooth replacements out there for you to choose from.

Not all of them deserve to be placed in your mouth, however.

We’ve done the work at looking at the available temporary tooth replacement options available online and picking the best ones so that you can cover up that chip or gap and get on with your life.

While you should consult your dentist and receive a professional tooth replacement if possible such as a bridge or tooth implant, not everyone can afford these options or you might be waiting months before your next appointment.

That’s where easy to use and relatively inexpensive temporary tooth replacements come in. They cover up the embarrassing gap or chip in your teeth enough to fool most people.

With a drugstore temporary tooth replacement, you can take control over the appearance of your missing tooth or chip.

Whether you need a temporary tooth replacement for an extended period of time or just want to find a quick fix while you wait for your dentist appointment, we’ve got you covered with this list.

Read on to discover the 7 best tooth replacement options for a missing tooth!

Picture Title Votes  
Smile Renewed - The Best Temporary Tooth Replacement 171 Check Price
Temptooth Temporary Tooth Replacement 119 Check Price
Amazing Temporary Missing Tooth Kit 101 Check Price
Dentemp Temporary Filling and Cap Repair 90 Check Price
Butler GUM Orthodontic Wax 88 Check Price
PrimeDent™QuickFix Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit 80 Check Price
Genericware Temporary Tooth Repair Kit 71 Check Price
Smile Renewed - The Best Temporary Tooth Replacement
Smile Renewed is our top recommendation for a temporary tooth replacement solution, and for good reason.

This small business was started by Pat Walsh when he was hit by a car and lost a tooth. After months of trying to figure out how to cover up the gap in his teeth, Pat found an amazing material...
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Temptooth Temporary Tooth Replacement
This Temporary tooth replacement by Temptooth is a very widely bought option that has its share of both great and not so great reviews.

Customers who loved Temptooth said that the material can effectively be used to repair a missing tooth temporarily.

The kit consists of moldable plastic beads...
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Amazing Temporary Missing Tooth Kit
Another moldable tooth replacement wax, Amazing brand’s temporary missing tooth replacement is used by you to create a custom fit to your chip or missing tooth.

Amazing’s temporary tooth wax boasts being moldable without needing any tools.

Other temporary tooth replacement kits need you to...
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Dentemp Temporary Filling and Cap Repair
Dentemp temporary dental filling and cap repair material is slightly different from the other tooth wax type options on this list.

This material comes out as more of a paste. You mix this product according to the instructions and put it where a chip is located in or where a cap should go.

It e...
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Butler GUM Orthodontic Wax
Butler G-U-M Wax is another temporary solution that you may want to consider. If you ever had braces, you have used orthodontic wax around sharp wires and brackets to reduce irritation in your mouth.

This wax can also be used on a chipped surface to fill in the area and prevent your cheek or tong...
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PrimeDent™QuickFix Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit
With a smiling doctor on the box, PrimeDent™ Quickfix temporary tooth replacement kit seems a bit more trustworthy than the less fancy options on this list.

This is also reflected in the price, of course. But the reviews for this product overall are much better than the other generic options.

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Genericware Temporary Tooth Repair Kit
On the even less fancy front for temporary tooth replacement options at home is Genericware’s temporary tooth repair kit.

With enough material to create up to 30 missing teeth according to the manufacturer, this material should last most people an ample amount of time.

Many customers found t...
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