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What is the best Amish bedroom furniture?

If you’re looking for the best, hand-crafted Amish Bedroom Furniture – here’s our editor’s pick:  Flush Mission Bedroom Collection.

Amish furniture is known for its high-quality craftsmanship and simple, elegant style. Adding Amish furniture for your bedroom can give your space a unique look with pieces that can last for generations.

Bedroom pieces can carry a high price tag, but Amish furniture should be the last items you’ll ever need to buy for your bedroom. These hand-made pieces can provide years of service, and each receives individual, unique construction instead of mass manufacturing. 

The best Amish made bedroom furniture has different construction options, allowing you to customize the pieces that end up in your bedroom. Varying drawer numbers, furniture size, and storage options can help you design the furniture set that’s right for you.

We ranked some of the Amish bedroom furniture sets that can make the best addition to your home in this review, morphed with style, tedious-detail, and therefore class.

Traditionally, Amish communities assemble and sell their furniture locally. But today, Amish furniture is available for purchase online without making the trip to buy it in person. Several reputable websites offer Amish furniture, from bedroom sets to living room furniture and dining tables. When searching for Amish furniture, just look for options to customize pieces and crafting details, ensuring that anything you buy is crafted to your order.

Product Reviews 

Here are some of the top Amish bedroom sets available today. All of them have various wood and stain options, plus the handcrafted look meant to add a sense of style and comfort to any bedroom.

Picture Title Votes  
Flush Mission Bedroom Collection Flush Mission Bedroom Collection 100 Check Price
Artesa Bedroom Collection Artesa Bedroom Collection 92 Check Price
Addison Bedroom Set Addison Bedroom Set 82 Check Price
Beaumont Bedroom Set Beaumont Bedroom Set 73 Check Price
Flush Mission Bedroom Collection
Flush Mission Bedroom Collection
Combining the classic hardwood look with the ability to customize your furniture fully, the Flush Mission Collection can provide an excellent addition to your bedroom.

All items in the Flush Mission Bedroom set feature one-inch solid wood tops. Any pieces with drawers have full extension drawer s...
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Artesa Bedroom Collection
Artesa Bedroom Collection
The Artesa Bedroom Collection is another complete bedroom set with a rustic look. The eye-popping wood finishes can bring a whole new theme to any bedroom.

Four different pieces — a bed frame, nightstand, dresser, and armoire — can be ordered separately to complete the collection, so you have...
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Addison Bedroom Set
Addison Bedroom Set
The Addison Bedroom Set combines the handcrafted look featured in all Amish furniture. Yet, it has a modern feel that won’t look out of place in any home, thanks to the horizontal grain on the bed and door panels.

This four-piece bedroom set can be ordered as one set, but customers can also add...
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Beaumont Bedroom Set
Beaumont Bedroom Set
Like the previous bedroom collection, the Beaumont Bedroom Set has the same range of pieces to order, but they come with a few more features.

The standard set includes a bed frame, an eight-drawer dresser, a five-drawer chest, and a one-drawer nightstand. However, the chest also includes a gentle...
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The right bedroom set for your home all comes down to personal choice, but the Flush Mission Bedroom Collection has the style, functionality, and options to make it our top pick.

The various drawer options on the nightstand, dresser, and chest give this furniture set the ability to fit any homeowner’s needs. The wood’s high-quality finish will ensure this bedroom set lasts a lifetime, too. You can expect this classic Amish bedroom set to offer a sense of home and comfort each time you enter the room, and when you wake up in the morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding choosing the best Amish bedroom furniture.

Picking the right Amish bedroom furniture all comes down to your taste and needs. Many options in different bedroom sets will allow you to pick the right pieces for your space, along with providing the functionality for your day-to-day life. Keep in mind that Amish furniture is traditionally heavy and solid; it will last a long time, but it may also be bulkier than other bedroom set designs.

Different sets have various options, but most Amish bedroom collections feature four standard pieces: a bed frame, nightstand, dresser, and chest. Some have the ability to add additional items, such as an armoire, and customers can also decline to include some pieces in other sets.

Thanks to Amish crafting techniques passed down through generations, plus the high quality of materials used in construction, Amish furniture is meant to last for generations. Each piece is handcrafted after an order is placed, so time and care go into every piece of furniture.

The easiest way to identify Amish furniture is to look for the handcrafted finish. Every piece of Amish furniture is made to order, so each item is unique in its own way. Amish furniture is known for sturdiness and fine detail, so you won’t find any loose pieces or crafting imperfections.

Amish furniture’s simplistic style makes it easy to design a room around your Amish bedroom set. In general, Amish bedroom pieces have a rustic style that can fit with a wide variety of other items you want to place in the space.

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