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The SimplyBestOf.com editor's choice for the best call-blocking app of 2021 is Phone Truth!

Have you ever been in the middle of an important business meeting, streaming a great movie, or even trying to get some studying done- only to be interrupted by a pesky caller?

Maybe you’ve even heard a horror story about someone’s identity or money being stolen by a spam caller, impersonating some other entity.

We all know how pesky telemarketing calls, bill collectors, and robocallers can be, so we’ve formulated this review of the best apps for blocking spam calls to assist you in preventing these unwanted callers from contacting you.

Reviewed – The Top Call Blockers for Android & iPhone

Below, we’ve ranked some of the best apps for blocking spam calls.

  1. Best Overall Call Blocking App: Phone Truth
  2. Best Call Blocking App for iPhone: Robokiller
  3. Best Call Blocking App for Android: Calls Blacklist
  4. Best Value Call Blocking App: True Caller
  5. Best Call Blocking Device for Landlines: Nuisance Phone Blocker

Picture Title Votes  
phone Phone Truth – Free Call Blocking & Reverse Phone Lookup App 63 Check Price
SCREENSHOT 556 Calls Blacklist Call Blocker Apps on Google Play play google com Calls Blacklist 40 Check Price
SCREENSHOT 557 RoboKiller Spam and Robocall Blocker Apps on Google Play play google com Robokiller 24 Check Price
SCREENSHOT 558 robokiller Android Apps on Google Play play google com True Caller 13 Check Price
Phone Truth – Free Call Blocking & Reverse Phone Lookup App
We all agreed that the best overall call blocking app was Phone Truth.

What we truly loved about Phone Truth was that the call blocking was simple and intuitive! And, we knew that our readers would love this as well.

Over the course of a week of testing, using T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon -…
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Calls Blacklist
SCREENSHOT 556 Calls Blacklist Call Blocker Apps on Google Play play google com
If you are an android user, no worry, we have you covered on the best call blocking app for your device. The Calls Blacklist app blocks not only unwanted calls but also unwanted or unknown text messages. This app also allows you to blacklist numbers that you no longer want to contact you!

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SCREENSHOT 557 RoboKiller Spam and Robocall Blocker Apps on Google Play play google com
Look at any robokiller app review and none of them can deny that this app does what it’s supposed to impressively well. We found this app to be very helpful because of the fact that they not only block spam calls, but they also block spam texts as well. A cool thing about this app is the fact that th…
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True Caller
SCREENSHOT 558 robokiller Android Apps on Google Play play google com
This app is compatible with both iPhones and Androids. The great thing about this app is that it allows you to search for unknown numbers, so if you’re ever curious about who is contacting you, this app ensures that you will be able to find that information out. This app also allows you to call a…
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FAQs – Robocallers & Spam Apps

For landlines, we recommend the Nuisance Phone Blocker. This call blocking device includes a large block button that allows you to block up to 4,000 phone numbers.

This device allows you to block unwanted calls and it gives you the option to manually blacklist numbers. With an area code block feature, you are able to block all numbers from certain regions of the world! This product is guaranteed to prevent you from receiving unwanted callers on your landline phone.

With a database of over 200 million records in the US, a super-smooth user experience, and after testing it with T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, we were convinced that when it comes to call blocker apps, Phone Truth takes the cake by quite a few miles.


Phone Truth allows you to not only identify unknown numbers and report unwanted callers to the do not call registry but also you can monitor the different calls that are being blocked, and not have your privacy at risk.

In purchasing a call blocking app, you are able to keep your number while being offered maximum protection against spam/ unwanted calls and SMS. While getting a new number may seem like a solution, there is generally no assurance that you won’t receive unwanted/spam calls and SMS on the new number also.

The answer to this question varies depending on your device.

iPhone users: If you have ios13 or newer

  1. Go into your phone settings
  2. Tap: “silence unknown callers”

That will activate the feature. This feature allows you to screen unknown calls, while still being able to monitor who called you and what voicemail messages that they may have left for you.

If you do not have ios13+, we recommend that you refer to one of the phone call blocking apps that we’ve listed about in order to block unknown callers.

Android Users 

  1. Go into your phone settings 
  2. Tap “block numbers”
  3.  Flip the “ Block unknown callers” option to green

This will activate the call screening option on your android device. If you have a device that does not provide this option in settings, we advise downloading one of the third-party apps that we’ve recommended previously. 

A robocaller is essentially a spam caller - usually originating from a telemarketing business.  The business will robocall thousands of numbers per hour, and the only way to block them is with a robocall blocking app. 

Things To Consider When Selecting The Best Call Blocking App

Generally speaking, users do get what they pay for in a call blocker app. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best call blocking app and hoping for maximum protection against spam and unwanted calls, you should expect to have to pay a fair amount for one of these apps. You should consider the fact that you could be saving yourself a lot of time, money, and hassles in purchasing a call blocking app.


You no longer have to worry about your time being wasted, your identity/money being stolen by spam, and unwanted callers.

We’ve provided helpful suggestions in selecting the best apps for blocking spam calls and text messages. Our top recommendation is the PhoneTruth app being that they had such a huge database and free caller ID.

We have also provided you with some FAQ’s that everyone should consider when determining whether or not they should invest in a call blocking app. We wish you the best of luck in your search! 

If you continue to get a lot of unwanted calls, don’t forget to report them to the FTC!

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