Electric scooters have been all the rage in 2021… and of course, it’s for a very good reason!

Who wouldn’t want to be able to hop on an electric scooter for their daily commute and feel the wind blowing through their hair? (not to mention the gas savings!)


There’s a problem.   Because electric scooters for commuting are soaring in popularity, it can be difficult to figure out which one to buy!

Don’t worry though, we did the hard work for you here at 

We reviewed over 20 different models to find you the absolute best electric scooter for adults on the market today!

🏆  In a hurry?  Here’s our #1 pick:  

These days, there are a LOT of choices when it comes to finding an adult-sized electric scooter... But, after reviewing over 20 models, we have chosen the Freely Electric Scooter as our #1 choice for adults. 

Swappable Battery for Freely Electric Scooter
Swappable Battery
Freely Scooter
Full Electric Scooter View

This certainly wouldn’t be a proper electric scooter review, if we didn’t tell you WHY we chose the Freely Pro as our #1 scooter for 2021- now would it?

First of all, the Freely Pro comes packed with functionality and state-of-the-art craftmanship at a great pricepoint.

We found the freely to be comparable to Unagi scooters that were double the price!

(And, apparently our friends over at Tech Up Life agreed on our choice of the best electric scooter!)

The Freely electric scooter is perfect for adults who are looking to go on long rides or commute to work.

What features does the Freely have?

  • It has a 350 watt motor which is 100 watts more than most models in it’s price range. This is especially helpful if you live in the hills or mountains.
  • One of our favorite features on the Freely electric scooter is the ability to ‘swap-out’ the battery.  The additional battery is only $99, and essentially doubles the potential length of your commute.
  • It’s also foldable, and lightweight making it the perfect electric scooter for adults looking to ride around in rural area.
  • It can travel 10-12 miles on a single charge, has 3 speed settings & has a top-speed of 15MPH.

What didn’t we like about this electric scooter?

To be honest, not a whole lot.  However, it was fun riding some of the scooters that went 20-30mph, but for double or triple the price, we didn’t think it was quite worth it. 

We’d love to hear what you think about our reviews and rankings for the best electric scooters – be sure to leave a comment and ‘vote-up’ your favorite! 

The Best Electric Scooters for Adults in 2021 [REVIEWED]

Picture Title Votes  
Freely med Freely Pro – Electric Scooter for Adults 86 Check Price
GoTrax Electric Scooter for Commuters 51 Check Price
Unagi MED UNAGI E500 Dual Motor 43 Check Price
Freely Pro – Electric Scooter for Adults
Freely med
After testing several models, we found the Freely Pro Electric Scooter to be the perfect balance of speed, technology and affordability

The Freely is a great scooter for anyone looking to commute to work, because of it’s swappable battery and ability to fold up and carry. You can get 10-12 miles …
Read more… >>
GoTrax Electric Scooter for Commuters
We like the GoTrax. It’s a good value. If you’re not concerned with having the ability to have an extra battery, or that it can’t get wet, then this’d be right up there with the Freely Pro for our favorite electric scooter.

The GoTrax can handle 220lbs (which is a bit on the low end) – due to the …
Read more… >>
UNAGI E500 Dual Motor
Unagi MED
While it’s more than double the cost (approximately $1290 right now) of our top-rated electric scooter, the list wouldn’t be complete without the addition of the UNAGI E500.

The UNAGI can go up to 17 MPH due to it’s front and rear wheel 250 watt motors. It also has an increased range or approxim…
Read more… >>

Frequently Asked Questions

The laws regarding electric scooters vary wildly from one jurisdiction to the next.  It would be wise to research your local ordinances before investing in an electric scooter. 

MOST electric scooters are considered to be water-resistant, but not necessarily waterproof.  So, basically, that means to use some caution when riding in wet conditions and dry your scooter off immediately after being exposed to any moisture. 

Unfortunately, if you are over 300 pounds, there aren't too many electric scooters that can accommodate you.  However the Wolf Warrior, which tops out at 50 MPH, can hold up to 330 pounds. 

Electric scooters can last several years if taken care of properly.  Usually, the first item to need replacing is the battery after 24-36 months.  If you can find a scooter with a swappable battery, like the Freely Pro, you can save yourself a lot of headaches and drastically increase the useful life of your scooter. 

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